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Name tag Ryan Quintana
areas of expertise
  • Concierge & Errand Services
    • Personal Assistance Errand Running
      • Opening and Waiting in a home for technicians to complete a service.
      • Personal Shopping
    • Desk Virtual Assistance
      • Research
      • Contractor Management
      • Restaurant Info
      • Local event info
      • Online Assistance
  • Grounds Care and Landscaping
    • Lawn Care
    • Xeriscapes
    • Irrigation
    • Aquaponics
    • Water features
  • Handyman Service,
    • Carpentry,
    • Assembly or installation of items
  • SSTEM (Sustainability, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • SSTEM Warren Technical Center
  • Dirt Monkey University
  • Aquascapes Academy

Who am I?| Ryan Quintana | My Background

My name is Ryan, and I am your Denver area concierge assistant with a prior background in SSTEM (Sustainability Science Technology Engineering Math). My sustainability background got me started as a personal gardener. Gardening led me to landscaping & grounds maintenance. While I helped with landscape management I was constantly asked to manage other errands and tasks for unable clients. My carpentry skills were also gained from my shop education in the SSTEM program at Warren Tech. From carpentry and my overall lifelong technical knowledge, I’ve started providing handyman services for those who need technical assistance with building, installation, or assembly of items. I began speaking to my mother (who now runs a concierge too) and thinking about how I could use technology to help assist people. I’ve built and now manage this website for your lifestyle management.

What do I do? | Lifestyle Management & Concierge services | Errand Running

Everyone deserves the luxury and experience of “done”. I will help you with management of any errand, or task that you want outsourced. From general errand running to detailed concierge services for the management and maintenance of your space, This Concierge has you covered.

Lifestyle Management & Concierge Service

In the old days of concierge, an assistant would help a building owner as a kind of janitorial personal assistant who would help give ready access to rooms, maintenance, and accommodations in life. Another less known term for a Concierge is a Seneschal. The Seneschal was the caretaker and lifestyle manager of a business or individual. They would manage schedules, accommodations, purchases, building access/security, and building maintenance. Could you imagine the luxury and benefits of outsourcing? Maybe you hate doing vendor/product research and want someone to just hire the right vendor for a task. Since Concierge service is now available both privately and publicly, you could happily stop straining your eyes and strewss over classified ads like Craig’s list and Angie’s list. Let Errand And Task Labor LLC Handle your lifestyle management.

  • Personalized Assistance
  • Handyman,
  • Grounds Maintenance/Landscape,
  • & Janitorial

Errand Running Service

Call Errand And Task Labor LLC when it comes to personal shopping, getting dry cleaner items, picking up pharmacy items, or general errand running around Colorado. Our errand running service won’t disappoint.

Who benefits? | The Denver area and beyond

As a Concierge I have helped people of all walks in life around the Denver area. Business owners, busy moms, vendors, out-of-towners, other concierge’s, and the list goes on.  I’ve also helped people in many locals in Colorado beyond the Denver area. So far, the farthest cities I have physically assisted clients in are Colorado Springs and Boulder.


how can we help you?

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If you are looking for miracle workers, call these guys. When ALL other places said they could not help us, Ryan did the impossible. We were desperate to get a doc delivered by 4 pm and he really came thru. Skip the other listings and just call Ryan. He went the extra mile.

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